Saint Luis Rey Serie A


Overview: Saint Luis Rey Serie A

The Saint Luis Rey is a Corona Gorda vitola, measuring 143mm in length with a 46 ring gauge. They are available in boxes of 25.

They are filled with the finest long filler tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of cuba, and expertly handcrafted, creating a razor sharp burn.

The Serie E began with a sweet and spicy aroma, with a cold draw that offered similar notes mixed with toast tobacco and cedar. The flavours came out with a bang, full strength, rich and smooth with notes of coffee, toasted tobacco, and stone fruit that is complemented by subtle honey sweetness.

In the second third we detected additional notes of dark chocolate, cedar and warm baking spices, with a long finish that had a touch of pepper spice.

The strength of these cigars is full, with a solid medium body. We do not recommend them for beginners, these sticks need some experience to be fully enjoyed.

They are the perfect size for a one hour smoke, and pair well with an easy drinking ale.

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8 reviews for Saint Luis Rey Serie A

  1. Gavin O.

    Great cigar and an outstanding value. I have my humidor filled with these. This is a great everyday smoke.It’s a mild to medium smoke with a very even draw. Everytime I smoke one, it’s a pleasure!

  2. Denise D.

    Had every intention of letting this box rest for a month or so since getting them from Lou’s- but couldn’t resist lighting up the first on the second day. This cigar is very nice- an almost sweet start with spice and floral notes. Burns perfect- incredible aroma and a overall a pleasure to smoke. If they’re this good right out of the box- one can only imagine giving them a year more in the cabinet.

  3. Larry S.

    I am amazed at how goods this cigar tastes! Beautiful, solid construction with consistency throughout the entire box. Everyone smoked like a dream down to my fingertips. Never a need for a correction with my torch. Just perfect.
    These aged sticks had a very funky taste to them, almost like aged cheese. The flavors ranged from a nice mix of aged spices at the beginning and changing towards a meaty, animal like earthiness that I have grown to love.
    This stick is going to change the way I smoke cigars. No need for an expensive Cohiba as these lesser know models offer the smoker a real treat, they just need to get off the path and explore what other manufacturers are turning out.
    I give this cigar a ten out of ten with just one regret. I wish I had bought more!

  4. Hernando O.

    Firm with a good weight and afairly tight pre-draw.

    Smoking brought out black pepper spice in a perfect amount with additioanl dark earth, old leather, and dark cocoa developing as I smoked. This is a mild to medium bodied smoke with a good long-lasting finish.

    The cigar had a perfect burn with a mixture of dark gray-black ash that held strong.

    A very good cigar, fitting my palate almost perfectly.

  5. Marco F.

    This is a perfect stick at a perfect price. It is at a great price point and has quite a bit to offer. It offers a bit more spice than some of there other stuff and quite satisfying. It isnt one that is as complex as the DC where you need to pay attention not to miss all that is going on.

  6. George A.

    Of the 13 I have had from this box 11 have had a tight draw and 2 were completely plugged. Of the 11 that were smokable most have opened in the last half, but 3 did not open and I had to toss them. In the 2/3 they become sharp and tangy. I did detect quite a metalic aftertaste. A few went out and I had to relight and some had running burns which had to be touched up. The only plus I see so far is the wonderful aroma. I will not be buying more of these in the future.

  7. Braden H.

    i just recieved a box of these badboys in NOV 10. the box was slightly damaged but the cigars were wonderfully dark and construction flawless. first 3rd was smooth with honey and cocoa in abundance, second 3rd had dark chocolate with hints of vanilla in the last 3rd, tho’, strangely enough, it wasn’t a particularly sweet cigar, medium bodied flawless cigar which left to age for a few years would only improve an already excellent cigar. 9.5/10 for me, a must for all humidors!

  8. Robert J.

    Personally I like cigars with more and deeper taste, however, sometimes you just feel for something milder – this cigars fits the picture.
    Very good construction with a pale wrapper, slow razor sharp burn, never harsh.
    Good change of pace!

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