Montecristo Joyitas


Overview: Montecristo Joyitas

The Montecristo Joyitas is a Laguito No. 3 vitola, , moderately sized with measurements of 115mm in length with a 26 ring gauge. The box of 25 is beautifully presented in a double layered box varnished Semi Boite Nature. 

The Joyitas offers a short but sweet smoking experience that will transport you to the beaches of Havana. Rich earthy aromas come off this cigar pre light, once lit this stick starts out mild in strength but quickly advances to medium, with tangy flavours of citrus fruit and warm wood and a dash of spice. 

These cigars are excellently constructed and filled with the finest tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. They are a unique experience and completely different from any other smoke you will find under the Montecristo portfolio.  

Smoke slowly with the leisurely mindset of lounging on the beach, the slim ring gauge will encourage you to draw harder for fuller smoke but it may overheat, becoming harsh and un-enjoyable. 

Expect to enjoy this one to last for under thirty minutes, perfect for afternoon coffee breaks or as an appetizer to a fresh meal.

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3 reviews for Montecristo Joyitas

  1. Billy P.

    when i receied this cigar i was a little disappointed at the size, which i know is my bad. However, i smoked one right out of the box with a cup of coffee and i was shocked at the taste, arouma and how smooth it is. i recommend this cigar to anyone who is looking for a great 30 minute smoke.

  2. Antranig B.

    I love cuban lous and kevin has always been helpful!!
    On my own i was perusing different cigars to try and thought i would get a 5 pack of these as i love the #4 and am a fan of the club too!!
    this smoke is two small to compare to any petit corona ( flavor, satisfaction) and honestly not good enough to compare to a club!! these joyitias are too tight , smoke poorly leaving tar in mouth, just a bad experience all around…. just my opinion…buy clubs if you want a quick smoke

  3. Hernando O.

    Well constructed little cigars. Chocolate brown, oily wrapper. The pre-light draw was very tight.

    Post-light, a decent amount of smoke, even though the draw remained tight. Flavors of pepper and the classic Montecristo twang of citrus zest, wood, and leather. The finish was nice and long-lasting. The only downside was that the smoke continued to get tighter (from already being on the tight side) through the experience.

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