Cigar Outlet Deals

Cigar Outlet Infiormation

This is the Cuban Lou’s Cigar Outlet. We sometimes have loose cigars, boxes missing cigars, boxes which may have slight damages but cigars are good, open boxes, etc. You will be able to see an ongoing list of this stock which we will sell at reduced prices.

All cigars are good and in smokeable condition, but to be more accurate, we will attempt to “grade” the cigars according to this scale.

A – Great, but box may be opened

B РCigars in good condition and smokeable, box may have some slight  damage.

C – Cigars are smokeable, but some may be tight or have some damage.

D – Cigars should be good, some damage, but worth a shot for the price.

** This is our best attempt to give you an idea about the cigars without actually smoking them.