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Overview: Bolivar Petit Coronas

Whether you are an experienced smoker, or just getting to know the world of Cubans, the Bolivar Petit Coronas is a wonderful cigar to have up your sleeve. While staying true to the bold and earthy Bolivar flavor profile, we found they deliver a medium to full bodied smoke with notes of brown sugar, cocoa and vanilla. The smoke is thick and creamy until the finish with minimal after taste. Being on the smaller side of the scale, this cigar makes for an excellent day time smoke, or after a light meal paired with a fruit forward red wine or a Cuba Libre, naturally.


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13 reviews for Bolivar Petit Coronas

  1. Frank L.

    First off I usually prefer something in the PC size range as I smoke several cigars a day & the time involved in a larger smoke just dosen’t work most times. Well, this has become one of my new favorites. I went through the first box so quick I had to order an SLB of 50! The appearancw & construction is great (haven’t had a problem yet), peppery when first put to your lips, spicey & creamy with hints of sweetness when smoked & finishes excellent. This is definitely in my top 10, even my top 5!

  2. Gus W.

    This is a great cigar. Nutty woody flavors, and great consistancy. Almost through a box and have only had one draw problem. A staple in my humi.

  3. Christopher D.

    I’ve smoked a few of these Bolivars thus far and have mixed feelings about the experiences. The taste is wonderful, but the draw requires more work than it should. They’ve also got a habit of canoeing. I’ve come to the conclusion that they may be rolled a bit tight and/or are a bit too fresh. I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that at least one of the cigars in the Bolivar line (can’t remember which) should be aged a minimum of two years before smoking. I’ve moved another five of these to my long-term aging humidor to see how they are in a couple of years.

    The flavor definately indicates excellent potential. Perhaps they just require more patience before smoking. I’ll update the review if time improves the experience.

  4. Brandon O.

    These are amazing if you like that full-flavoured taste. Right from lighting up, they really do pack a punch. They are creamy and aromatic, quite disinctlively Bolivar. I always have some of these on hand in the humidor and can highly recommend them, although not for beginners due to the very full taste.

  5. Yukiko H.

    This cigar has fantastic construction with a perfect cap. It’s oily wrapper is slightly box pressed, and is extremely smooth to the touch. The draw is perfect, almost everytime with these, and the burn is spot on. The flavor is fantastic, rich, and complex especially for the size. It shows a ton of wonderful spice, roasted nuts, coffee, and touches of leather. It has a creaminess to it, yet, still remains medium-full bodied throughout. The finish has a slight twang when young, which is simply delicious and makes you crave more.

  6. Marco F.

    This has to be one of the best cigars in the corona size. This one is one of the stronger ones of the Bolivar line and sokes much bigger than it is. You can smoke this one with no age on it and really enjoy it. These are gems that have been very consistant for me with a nice spicy flavor. Lots of leather and cocoa and espresso. This cigar puts off lots of smoke and is a highly recomended cigar.

  7. Bob B.

    Most flavorful PC out there. Great qualities from the marca come through on this cigar. Complexity of the vitola starts medium ends at full bodied. You’ll find hay, earth, leather, and nuts abound from start to finish

  8. Alexander T.

    This cigar is just a tad to harsh for me. But I can see why it’s so popular. Excellent appearance and construction. Nice straight up rich tobacco profile, that produces lots of smoke. A good value for sure.

  9. Brice D.

    This is far better smoke for the money than a Monte#4 in my opinion. Flawless wrapper, perfect cap and wonderful pre-light aroma. Starts very mild, but quickly build to a medium to full body. Lots of nuts and coco. Glad that I bought 2 the first won’t last long.

  10. Robert J.

    I recently received some of these on the two box deal and promtly unloaded them into SLB for further aging. However, I could not resist and tried one with only three days after receiving. Despite being young and fresh that caused some uneven burn it had that distinct Boli taste and aroma. I have to agree with some reviewer who stated “If I had to choose one vitola for the rest of my life, it would be this one”.
    I plan to stock up on these!

  11. Mike B.

    This is a full bodied cigar you will enjoy. Good value for every day smoking. I enjoyed the first 8 cigars until I struck one I was unable to draw on as the roller had paked it way too tight. Having cut it in half I was able to enjoy what remained. Maybe there’s better value but this one is good for quiet enjoyment without breking the bank,

  12. Ollie O.

    Nothing exciting when I smoked the first one around christmas 2012, smoked another one in January and it did nothing for me. But now six months later (about one year old cigars) they are really coming alive! Complex and super smooth! Buttery/fat/umami, hard to describe what I mean (maybe Lypsyl, anyone?!?). In short: great cigars, will definitely buy again. Have had better but not many, never tried a better PC.

  13. i. (verified owner)

    I just got these in today and I ignored the Internet Wisdom of letting them rest in the humidor for days or weeks before firing one up. All I can say is wow! Excellent smoke, but please don’t buy them, I will want more and don’t want to contend with “out of stock.” 🙂

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